Travertine floors for indoor use

Travertine floors for indoor use

Travertine natural stone tiles for indoor use are limestone with an open structure. This is because this stone is made from lime from water from hot springs. When the sunken lime from this water mixes with dead leaves, insects and twigs, a solid layer is formed over time. This then fossilizes to the travertine.

During the formation of this stone, these vegetable and animal remains digest and holes remain. This creates a beautiful open structure that is characteristic of a Travertine floor. Travertine has been a trend for years and is highly sought after and popular both indoors as a floor covering and wall tile in all areas such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen or hallway, and outside as patio stone.

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Light travertin 10x10

Price €30.99
Prachtig verouderd Travertin met een rustieke uitstraling natuursteen tegels. Light Travertin 1x10x10 staat bekend om haar gezoete oppervlak,...

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